Update for 2018 – We are in the process of sequencing the taxanomic type strains of all known species of budding yeasts belonging to the subphylum Saccharomycotina. Most of these yeasts are distinct species distantly related to the model yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Data generation is ongoing, but the first major publications are being written, revised, or peer reviewed.

** To request data access, or to collaborate, please email the Y1000+ Lead PI, Chris Todd Hittinger.

Publicly Available Genomes

For genome sequences currently in the public domain, please see and cite our recent review article and phylogenomic analyses.


Phenotypic Data

Note that the phenotypic data comes from type strains, unless the trait is listed as variable (v). Published genome sequences are not always from the taxonomic type strain.

Blast Database

Blast database

Access to the private BLAST database is controlled via WEI login credentials. If you don't have these credentials, please contact Chris Hittinger to request an account.