Main Projects:

  1. Krassowski T, Coughlan AY, Shen XX, Zhou X, Kominek J, Opulente DA, Riley R, Grigoriev IV, Maheshwari N, Shields DC, Kurtzman CP, Hittinger CT, Rokas A, Wolfe KH. 2018. Evolutionary instability of CUG-Leu in the genetic code of budding yeasts. Nat Commun 9: 1887.
  2. Gonçalves C, Wisecaver JH, Kominek J, Oom MS, Leandro MJ, Shen XX, Opulente DA, Zhou X, Peris D, Kurtzman CP, Hittinger CT, Rokas A, Gonçalves P. 2018. Evidence for loss and reacquisition of alcoholic fermentation in a fructophilic yeast lineage. eLife 7: e33034.
  3. Opulente DA, Rollinson EJ, Bernick-Roehr C, Hulfachor AB, Rokas A, Kurtzman CP, Hittinger CT. 2018. Factors driving metabolic diversity in the budding yeast subphylum. BMC Biol 16: 26.
  4. Morais CG, Batista TM, Kominek J, Borelli BM, Furtado C, Moreira RG, Franco GR, Rosa LH, Fonseca C, Hittinger CT, Lachance MA, Rosa CA. 2017 Spathaspora boniae sp. nov., a D-xylose-fermenting species in the Candida albicans/Lodderomyces clade. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 67: 3798–805.
  5. Haase MAB, Kominek J, Langdon QK, Kurtzman CP, Hittinger CT. 2017. Genome sequence and physiological analysis of Yamadazyma laniorum f.a. sp. nov. and a reevaluation of the apocryphal xylose fermentation of its sister species, Candida tenuis. FEMS Yeast Res 17: fox019.
  6. Shen XX, Zhou X, Kominek J, Kurtzman CP@, Hittinger CT@, Rokas A@. 2016. Reconstructing the backbone of the Saccharomycotina yeast phylogeny using genome-scale data. G3 (Bethesda) 6: 3927-39.
  7. Zhou X, Peris D, Kominek J, Kurtzman CP, Hittinger CT@, Rokas A@. 2016. in silico Whole Genome Sequencer & Analyzer (iWGS): a computational pipeline to guide the design and analysis of de novo genome sequencing studies. G3 (Bethesda) 6: 3655-62.
  8. Riley R., et al. (2016). Comparative genomics of biotechnologically important yeasts. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 30 Aug 2016; 113(35):9882-7.
  9. Lopes M.R., et al. (2016) Genomic analysis and D-xylose fermentation of three novel Spathaspora species: Spathaspora girioi sp. nov., Spathaspora haerdaliae f. a., sp. nov. and Spathaspora gorwiae f. a., sp. nov. Jun 2016; 16(4). pii fow044.
  10. Hittinger C.T., et al. (2015) Genomics and the making of yeast biodiversity. Dec 2015; 35:100-9.

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